Puppy Care

Helping your Pup Become the Goodest of Dogs

If you want to help your puppy learn and grow just as fast as they can, you’re going to need to give them lots of attention and a consistent routine. While work and other responsibilities can be a struggle to balance, we are here to make sure the “consistent” part of in-home puppy care happens. Our local puppy sitters can assist you in creating a customized feeding, exercise, and potty schedule that makes sense for both you and your dog.

Not looking to leave your furry friend at home all day? We have the perfect solution! Our reliable puppy-sitting services from Fetch! Pet Care can come to your home and provide full-service, in-home puppy care — everything from walks to meals and more. Whether you are away for one day or a few, you can trust your pup will be in the best care with our professional sitters.

How Fetch! Puppy Sitting Works


 We match you with experienced primary and back-up sitters based on your dog’s temperament, schedule, and specific needs.


You have a chance to meet your personalized Care Team to determine if your primary and back-up sitters are the right fit for your pup.


Sit back as your puppy learns and grows with each puppy visit!

Puppy Care

You love your new puppy with all your heart…but you’re less fond of stained carpets and chewed up shoes. You’re not alone. Our local sitters can help you customize the perfect feeding, exercise, and potty schedule for your pup while reinforcing the good behaviors you expect in your home.

Your Pet is Safe With Us

Our Throughly Vetted Sitters:

  • Pass a mandatory background check
  • Go through an in-depth interview process
  • Receive ongoing training

Safety Is a Priority

All of our Fetch! sitters go through a safety certification program that follows recommendations for their specific region. We always follow the safety guidelines to help maintain positive experiences with pets and their parents.

Consistent Team

We hand-pick a Care Team for your pets, and strive to provide them the consistency of having the same professional pet care provider every time.  We can give you the peace of mind that your pets are being cared for by their favorite, trusted Fetch! buddy.

We Take the Security of Your Home Seriously

We know that after the health, safety, and happiness of your pet, the security of your home is a big priority. Here is how we ensure your home’s security while you’re away:

Controlled Access

“The only people who have access to your home are your location’s main office and your pet sitter during scheduled service times.

Key Monitoring

Your key should always be on your property and not traveling around with your Pet Sitter. We suggest obtaining a lockbox to secure your key. This also helps us reduce delays in the event your back-up sitter need to step in.

Timed Availability

Your home access code will only be available to your pet sitter during scheduled service hours.